Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Love Advisory

Great News! Great News! I have a Love
Advisory to share with everyone!
Listen closely - we can live again! It is
by God's Grace, through His Son!

Yes, I am writing about The Good News
of Salvation - it is a Love Advisory.
God's great love is given through Jesus
It's His plan to save you and me.

Never again will anyone have to die with
their sins and be headed to hell!
No, no, my friends, love is what I write
it is the Love Advisory from God I tell!

Tell Jesus that you are sorry for your sins;
Ask Jesus to come into your heart - He will!
Your sins will be forgiven, you'll be saved!
Your open heart with love He will fill!

So, call a friend and share the news, let every
one receive Salvation on this Earth.
And when the masses gather they will accept
Jesus and receive their rebirth!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry