Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Do You Need A Life-Line?

Dear friend, do you need the answer?
Do you need help now, desperately?
Then you need Jesus in your life, He is
always helping people like you and me!

By all means talk to Jesus, God's Son,
He'll tend to you - He knows your need.
In humble prayer, speak to Jesus-
He is always listening when we plead.

When the days run into never-ending pain
or strife and you find yourself depressed.
Use your prayer life-line to Jesus
and let Him be your full time guest!

Then very soon your life-line will bring you
closer to Jesus more and more each day.
I could go on, dear friend, about using your
life-line, but it is up to you---so please pray.

You will be most happy if you do, because you'll
be connected to Jesus, who guides your hand.
He will lead you through the every day tasks
and bring you home to God's promised land!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry