Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Ultimate Panic Room

The ultimate panic room is where an
unsaved person faces God all alone!
All sins will be open to Him and no
seeds of faith have ever been sown.

But then the person is joined by Jesus
yes, for that one person He comes in!
Jesus talks to His Father and God asks.
"Why didn't you get saved from sin?"

The person then begins to shake all over
and mumbles and begs on hands and knees!
The person pleads, "I don't know- I am sorry
for my sins - come into my heart Jesus, please!!

Jesus did and said; "Now you can go to Heaven
with many mansions and streets of pure gold."
Then the persons' spirit was seen going in
sinless and free, now one of the fold!

I conclude, are you saved from your sins or
will you meet God in the ultimate panic room?
My friends, are some of you unsaved? Please
ask Jesus to come to you very soon!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry