Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Psalm 55:22

"Give your burdens to the Lord
and He will take care of you,
He will not permit the godly to
slip and fall." that He will not do

Oh, how I dearly love this Psalm
it over comes our burdens - our lot!
Yes, the Lord cares no matter what
kind of woe we have got!

My friends, remember that the Lord
is in control and He won't let you fall.
Believe in Him always and you will have
a soul that is happy through it all!

Let us remember this Psalm so that when
hardships come, we can rely on what it has to say.
Then let the Lord act and He will
surely take all of your troubles away.

Let's give our Lord great praise and all the love
inside of our hearts - 24 hours around the clock.
For he takes care of His own--yes, He is
the Good Shepard and we are His Flock.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry