Ujamaa Christian Poetry

You Are Grounded

Dear young teenagers soon to be women
and men, there are many distractions to see.
One can get lost in all of the hype,
I believe with that you will agree.

Maybe that is why you get grounded,
to let you see what is going around.
Your parents are only trying to help you
keep your feet on solid ground.

They talk to you about God and Jesus
and how Jesus can be your best friend.
He will be a friend who talks to your
heart and you can also easily talk to Him.

You will see that so many of the things
you wanted are not that great after all.
Your eyes will be opened, Jesus will become your
Savior for all time and your help, when you call.

So, take that leap of faith my young friends and
let Jesus come in your heart and take control.
Your parents and others will see the changes
in you and you will be happy with a saved soul!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry