Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God In Your Heart and Home

Dear Sisters and Brothers, with God in your
heart there is no place like home.
What a comforting feeling it is to know
that with God you are never alone.

Let us never forget that and let us always
embrace the feeling of God's unfailing love.
When we do, wherever we may go
it will be God's love we think of.

If you know someone who does not know
God, perhaps you could drop a hint to them.
That is planting seeds of the Good News
of Salvation, being saved from sin!

And before you know it your whole neighborhood
will be a home for our living God.
What a wonderful blessing it is that we
Christians receive care as along life's way we trod!

Dear friends, I pray that you have God in your
heart and home and then you know you are saved.
Yes my friends, it is true! It's not some fiction
story with words that I made!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry