Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In Your Face

When others come and get in your
face and are cursing at you.
It sure is hard to keep your mouth
shut and that is Gospel true!!

But that is what happens sometimes
out of the clear blue sky.
Someone invades your space and you
do not even know why!

Well my friends, there is hope and help
but it takes practice to keep silent.
And it comes to you by the way of God,
remember we have Jesus Heaven sent !

That is good with the help from Jesus the
person yelling will not understand!
They will wonder why you do not curse
at them--for with Jesus we make our stand!

I got my space invaded today and got riled-up,
my feelings really got upset and hurt!
Then I rememberd that Jesus inside I have
Love and the one cursing had Satan-- only dirt!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry