Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Farther From Sin

I know it is not easy for you younger
church goers these days.
There are so many more places to go it
puts some of you into some kind of daze!

That is not good because while you are
thinking about something that is sinful.
You can bet Satan will be there
and he is not at all helpful.

But don't do what he wants you to -
instead call upon Jesus' name.
Tell the Evil One to leave you alone
and go back from where he came.

And oh! By the way, your parents also had many
tempations when they were your age too!!
But as you can see they Love the Lord, just
as same as your saved friends and you.

Count your blessings my younger friends,
for there is a long list of them.
And each one takes you every day
farther from the guilt of your sin. Amen!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry