Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Those Who Do the Tempting

I'm here today to tell you about those people
who abuse and lead little children astray.
I don't have any tolerance for them
I most definitely say!

Jesus spoke - if you read His words about those who
harm our own flesh and blood given from God.
We need to handle those abusers who hurt our
little ones with the thrust of God's rod!

Zero tolerance is what I'm writing about. Let it be known
they're out there - those who hurt others day and night.
Some are turning our children away from Jesus
and we need to help our children find the Jesus' light.

We need to pray and work hard to protect our children
from those who commit that terrible sin.
As I wrote, find out what Jesus has said about those
who tempt our little ones - read all about them!

Matthew 18:6-7

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry