Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Our Lord 24x7

Dear friends, everytime something happens,
24x7 our Lord is there.
Isn't it wonderful, so very wonderful
to know how much He does care!

Our dearest Lord is with us at all times
it's a 24x7 great blessing.
Let us remember in all things, our Lord is
with us 24x7 - no need guessing.

Each time no matter the situation,
24x7 our Lord is with us always.
So dear friends, let us be joyful and
ready 24x7 to give Him praise!

Let us keep ourselves in good spiritual shape -
pray, read the Bible and do our best.
Because our Lord 24x7 is with us when we
are at work or home at rest.

Trusting our Lord and Savior 24x7 is a
cherished feeling all Christians should know.
And those who are new to Him can be assured
24x7 that their spirit will grow.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry