Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In God We Trust 04

"In God we trust" is what is written
on the money we spend.
There are some folks who don't care about God
even though He is America's best friend.

They love the money and the power it will buy
but that is all about all!
Few of them care about the USA
left to their ways, the country would fall.

But fall is shall not! Because God has
made America strong.
If you difer from that,
you won't last very long.

Those are the facts; The true, godly people
will always unite.
Yes, we are mighty with God
and if need be - we will fight.

So Happy 4th of July to America
and all its many people diversified.
Let's continue to trust is God,
He is our defense, always at our side.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry