Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The U.S.of A.

Dear Americans, our founding father were lead
by God to start this great country.
God blessed them so very much
and protected them - glory to Him be.

But today there are those people who want
America to forget God and send him away.
They are the same ones though who benefit
from the freedom of America but do not pray.

They love to do Satan's bidding
but one day they will fall into the darkness of Hell.
This poem is to let you know there are some folks
who try to make the U.S.A. Smell.

God will rout them out and we Christians
will stand united and help Him do the job.
So it's time to get prayer back in our country
that no one can take away or rob.

United with God is what all of us Christians
must be and we'll get rid of the Evil One.
Let us pray, all of you Christians, to our God
Almighty that His Will be done.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry