Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Don't Take God Out of Everything

Watch Out! Be careful! The worlds masses
are trying to take God out of everything!
They want all of the Christians in America
to move aside and not let their voices sing.

But wait a minute! All is not lost yet, for we
Christians must quickly unite.
Stand together and pray to God to keep
Jesus within as the media we must fight!

Satan is the ruler of the airways--just in case
you happen to not know.
Look at how he has gotten people to
accept that faith in Jesus will not grow!

So, let us get with the real program that God
is in charge of all things for the U.S. Of A!
May we get our Spirits full of the Holy Spirit,
stand strong against Satan and throw him away!

Call all of your friends, write them a note, send
an e-mail call them on the phone now!
We Christians must stop this world's ways;
through God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is how

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry