Ujamaa Christian Poetry

For Your Glory

Dearest Lord, thanks for these words that
are today offered for Your Glory!
I am but a lowly messenger of Your
Words that tell the true story!

You came to me late one evening and
raised up my new Spirit within.
It was awesome, I was saved!
Jesus became my forever friend!

Then the words started to flow for Your Glory
I started right away to write them down.
And through You, Lord, my new life
of serving You by helping others, I soon found.

A poem here, a poem there and 25 years later
Your words keep flowing each day!
Each poem is directed by You and
meant for others to read, I humbly pray!

Yes, Lord, use me all that You will and that shall
enable others to read about Your Story!
Dear friends, if Jesus you've not yet found
receive Jesus in your heart and be in His eternal Glory!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry