Ujamaa Christian Poetry

He Is Still Standing

They beat him, whipped him and
took his clothes away from him!
They tortured him even more and
spiked him to a cross, he forgave them!

Then after his death on the cross
He was laid to rest in a cold dark tomb!
However 3 days later He rose from
the dead and walked out of that room.

He visited His disciples and they all
believed he was God's Son and their Savior!
He ascended to Heaven and He sent
the Holy Spirit to change our behavior!

Who was he? What is His name? It is Jesus
from Nazareth and He is still standing!
And He makes sure our spirit's flight to
Heaven will receive a soft landing.

Yes, Jesus is still standing for over 2,000
years and some people still like to scoff.
But Jesus is still standing tall as a mountain.
And our loving Jesus is still the Boss!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry