Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Will Make A Way

I awaken to the sounds of life each day,
Knowing that my God has blessed me in his special way
I never have to worry about what the new day may bring
Because God gave me a song in my heart to sing.

My God will make a way
Each and every day
With his faith and everlasting love
My God sits and watches me from the Heavens above

He instills in me the strength, the faith to make a
better way
He blesses me with wisdom, knowledge, each and every
What I do on this earth, decides if I will have a
place with my Lord
So I cherish him, preach his name, he is my mighty

Have you ever heard the old saying?
Don't wait for the hearse to come get you to bring you
to church, so start praying
Pray for his love and guidance while we are still
Allow him in our hearts and souls, his words we will

Like a beautiful beacon of light that shines from the
heavens above
With wisdom and faith but most of all his radiance of
See I don't have to sit and worry each day
Because I know my God will make a better way.

He will open my eyes and show me the true meaning of
And teach me his words, every word from the Bible, for
generations and generations.
My god will make a better way
My Lord will bless me each and every day

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry