Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Will Pick You Up

Sometimes we fall down
But eventually we get up off the ground
Sometimes we fall short of our expectations
Obstacles get in our way, making us take a new

Sometimes we give up hope
Because things sometimes are to hard to cope
Contemplating, deliberating what our lives could be
If we did not have all this negativity stopping me.

We fall down, but we get up and stand tall
Dust ourselves off, forgetting about the fall
Knowing that all the time someone was there to break
this fall
See God heard my cries, my sighs he heard my distant

God told me that sometimes you fall down
But if you believe in me, I will pick you up off that
There is no mile nor depth to your fall
You can always get up, renew your love for me, and
break down those walls.

Forget about troubled times and stress
Remember my child you are truly blessed
Blessed with the knowledge of my faith and love
When you are troubled, say a prayer in my name to the
heavens above.

See a saint is just a sinner who felled down
But God said it is never to late to get up off the
Through all the hurt and pain
God showed me his love over and over again.

God never turned his back on me
But stood there with his arms ready to accept me,
there is where I should be
My lord, my savoir told me it is never to late
To open your heart and soul to his wisdom and faith.

How many men can truly say?
That no matter what you go through life, I will love
you each and everyday
That no matters what you do
My love, my blood will always flow through you

So yes we do fall down, but eventually we get up
And one day we will drink the nectar of heaven from
our Lord's cup
So in closing let me plant this notion
Of God's love and devotion.

Of a everlasting love
From our God, passionate, caring God from the heavens
So if you do fall in the sins of negativity
God will be there to pick you up, and bring to you his
faith and spirituality.

So I run to my God with open arms so wide
Opening my heart and soul to him, letting him come
Into a place where sin once use to maintain
But now God occupies my soul, his love will always

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry