Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Gods Love Shines Down On Me

Each and everyday, I look to the heaven's above,
To find my savoir, my God of love
So many times I have looked to the skies so blue,
And envision that I am so close to you.

Your love is all that I need to give me the strength
to make it through the day,
Your wisdom and faith are instilled inside of heart;
never will they fade away
When I am down, your love shines like a beacon of hope
on me,
To guide me to that righteous path, one that sets my
soul and mind free.

See everyday I awaken is a blessing to me,
Another day to spend with the ones I love, without you
where would I be
I know temptation is out there like a snake ready to
But I have you my God, to keep them back.

Your love is a kind love, a tender love,
It's radiance shines from the heavens above
No other could replace you,
You are everything I am all that I do.

One day I will walk with you in heaven one day,
Together we will talk, together we will pray
So until the day comes to reality
I will look to the skies and my heart; you are a part
of me

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry