Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In Jesus Name

I think of so many things that you have given me,
So much love and understanding, you set my soul free
Jesus, you have blessed me each and everyday,
To love thyself, and thy neighbor, and to praise you
each day.

I could never repay you the love that you have shown me,
When you gave your life on the cross at Galilee
I don't have to wait for Sunday to praise your name,
Because each day I will call out for you and you
always reply the same.

Just when times look rough, and I don't know what to do,
I talk to you to smooth the rough edges and make it brand new
When I am asleep at night you sit and watch over me,
You wipe the fears and tears away, and set my mind and soul free.

You give me faith to make another day,
In your name Jesus, I will kneel and pray
And shout your name to every individual I meet,
Jesus, you are my savior; with you my life is complete.

I remember the day my father died in my arms,
You took him to a better place, from sickness and harm
You talked to me and said, my dad was with you,
And he will watch over me, these words you said were so true.

And I remember the times,
When sin and hatred was on my mind
You took me and showed me your loving ways,
And brought me from the darkness, and into the light of day.

I will praise you in the morning time,
Praise you in the afternoon, your love is mine
When I go to bed at night,
I will always give thanks to your name,
And when I awaken in the morning,
I look to you my savior, in Jesus name.

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry