Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus You Have Given Me

A soft touch across my forehead at night,
A tender kiss on my cheek, at dawn's early light
You've blessed me, given me the strength to make a new day,
Jesus, my savoir, in your name I pray.

Through all the good times and bad, you've been there,
To show me your wisdom and love, to let me know that you care
You have instilled in me your faith and wisdom,
And to assure me that one-day I will walk with you in
your glorious kingdom.

I will never forsake your love so true,
And to always remember, that the right faith is you
I am blessed to be able to talk to you, from the heavens so blue,
To be in your presence, in the heavens, worshipping
and praising you.

If I want to get high I will get high off Jesus and his love,
No other love can be compared to the one from up above
I never have to doubt if you love me,
You showed it from the cross at Galilee.

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry