Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Living For Jesus

Each day, each passing night, I look towards the skies
and pray
To my lord and savoir for blessing me with a brand new
Each new day I awaken is a blessing to me
Another day to make all my hopes and dreams become a

My God, my loving father I am nothing without you
Without your praise and guidance and faith, what would
I do?
When I am down I look to you for understanding and
And when I am happy with joy, I look to you up in the
heavens above.

No other love is greater or stronger than your love
A love that never changes, a love that has no
boundaries, amen, my God up above
Your everlasting light shines like a beacon of light
upon me
Your love you showed from the cross of Galilee

I never doubt your love for me, a love so pure
Through all the bad and good times my love for you
will endure
Withstand the test of time
Because I have your love and you will always have

I know there is no better place than to be embraced in
your loving arms
Away from fear of the devil, away from harm
As long as I have faith and your wisdom in my heart
There is nothing Satan could ever do to tear us apart.

Until the day that we walk together in the Promise land
In peace and harmony together holding hands
I will savoir and cherish your love this day
And praise your name and glory, in a special way

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry