Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Saved in Jesus name

I have been born again
My life has been turned around
Since Jesus came into my life
And put my feet back on solid ground

I am too blessed
To be stressed
Because Jesus has guided me
On the path of purity

Took me from the life of sin
And resurrected my soul
And now I am reborn again

It did not take much
The softness of Jesus touch
To open my eyes
To make me realize

Jesus is my strength

Within me
Flows the love of my Savor endlessly
Because he took me
And removed the negativity

I look
At each new day
In a different way
Because Jesus watches over me each and everyday

So I rejoice
Lift my voice
And praise
Your faith and wisdom I raise

It's like
I shed my old skin
And Jesus removed the disease part
And cleansed me within

So each new day
I pray
As I look to the stars and heaven above
As I receive the beauty of Jesus love


Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry