Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Within God's Eyes

Within me
Flows the love of God
A never-ending surge of strength
A healing of my soul

I worship him
Each and everyday
He is my strength
In his name I pray

Within God's eyes
I am beauty
I am artistry
I am his creativity

I am a believer of faith
Of wisdom and hope
I look to God to answer
Those questions that sometimes are hard to comprehend

Within God's eyes
I am his child
A rejoicing soul
One who expresses his love and faith

I see the beauty of God
In everything I see
I see the beauty of nature
God's creativity

From the heavens
I hear him
As he watches down with watchful eyes
Over his children

Within his eyes
I am precious
I am reborn again
To God I am perfect in every way

And the rough edges
He will make smooth
The crooked parts
He will straighten with faith and wisdom

Are those who truly believe
In the magic and word of God
For they will walk with him in his kingdom


Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry