Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Raindrops from Heaven

If I close my eyes
I can hear
The gentle drops
Of the rain so very clear

Each drop
Sounds like a melody
Of God's music
The playing of Heavens symphony

He washes away
The troubles of the day
All that is soiled with sin
God makes us pure again

It is like
Being baptized all over again
Being reborn
To live to praise his name, "Amen"

Is God's way?
Of cleansing this Earth
Eliminating the devil's work

God gives us the tools
To make it each day
To follow in his path of glory
In his name we pray

So he baptized me
Resurrected me
Rejuvenated my soul
Within me God is in control

Have you ever
Listened to the melody of the rain
The continuous beat
Over and over again

As Heaven gates are open
And the water of purity flows free
And the salvation of God's
Like a rainfall drenches me

I kneel and pray
And each new day
I follow God's way


Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry