Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Will you be ready my child

God awakened me
Asked me, my child where do you want to be
Do you want to live with me in the heavens above?
Where you can share with others, my wisdom and love

When that day comes
When all your work on this earth is done
Will you be ready my child, to go with me
To a plus so peaceful, so full of tranquility

God said what you do on this earth today
Will dictate to me how you have paved your way
And at that moment in time God spoke these words to me
It is time my child, with me in heaven is where you should be

God said the travel might be long
But together we are strong
Just hold my hand
My child I will lead you to the promise land

And at that moment God leaned over my bed
And gently touched my forehead
And he said to me
Are you ready for this journey?

Knowing that I would never get to say good-bye
To my loved ones and friends, tears fell from my eyes
God said I will carry you my child
To a place where it is always sunny and mild

Where each new day
Is a reason to rejoice and pray?
Because after reality
I chose you to share heaven with me

As my savoir carried me across the land
The strength, the power that flowed through this man's hands
Al I could do was visualize all the magnificence
I could see sheeps, and lambs, beautiful ocean blue in the distance

God said to me
To love and have faith in the bible is the main itinerary
You will see so many wonders that meet the eye
And when you see my child then you will know why

Why I asked you to read the bible and pray
Each and everyday
And to respect your fellow man
And try to live life the best that you can

And I told you
You would be rewarded; my words are so true
Now you can embrace me
Mentally and physically, you are now in my reality

Here there is no negativity
Only faith, love wisdom and spirituality
I knew it was time for you to come
Because your job on earth is now done

Now you will walk with me through my land
And together we will hold hands
Because when I asked you this question so true
My child "will you be ready when I come for you

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry