Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My God

My God loves me each and everyday
He shows me his love in his magical way
I praise your holy name
Because when it comes to my Savior, I have no shame

I never doubted your love for me
You making living here on this Earth, a reality
You showed me what undying love could be
Expressing your love on the cross at Galilee

Living life as you want me to
Giving and sharing a love so true
Caring for my fellow man
Because this was God's plan

You are the flowers and the trees
You are that cool summer breeze
My moon that embraces me at night
My sun that shines in the morning, so bright

When I am down my God pulls me through
He watches over me from the skies so blue
He embraces me with his Holy Spirit and wisdom
Because when it came to the negativity's of life, My God gave me a pardon

Everlasting joy he has brought to me
Embraced me with his faith and spirituality
Gave me the essentials to make it through each and everyday
Because if there is a path in life's path than God is the way

You gave your son's life for me
You showed your love on the cross at Calvary
Because you my God are a loving man
Believing in you and the Bible was your plan

I praise your holy name each and everyday
Hoping that you can hear my prayers
For you to give me love and guidance
Because you said my Savior, if I sin you would give me a second chance

See when I am troubled I look to you to pull me through
With your words of Spirituality, you make my life anew
There has never been a time that you have forsaken me
Never been a time that you haven't shown me love and sensitivity

My God is a compassionate man, a loving man
With God in my life there is nothing my soul can't withstand
As long as I embrace him and his words in my heart
His blood flows through my veins, every delicate part

God is my morning sun, my beautiful sunset
The air that I breathe, that lasting notion I will never forget
As long as I praise him, and follow his loving words
As long as I follow that righteous path, every note, every chord

I could sit here and write everything that My God means to me
But then my words would go on for an eternity
Never has one man given so much
With his love, wisdom, the spirituality of his angelic touch

So I praise his name over and over again
In your name my heavenly father, amen
You have given me
A life full of riches, a life so carefree

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry