Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God's Reminder

God said no matter how far
I will always know where you are
And he said as long as you are in this reality
You will treat everyone as you would treat me

Because there will come a time
When you my child, must cross that line
And what you do each and everyday
Will prove to me if you have been living my way

So what I want you to do each and everyday
Is look to the heavens and pray
Pray that you have love in your heart
Ask for forgiveness, and I will resurrect you, I will give you a new start

Starting today
Each person that comes your way
I want you to say hello
No matter where my child you go

Don't wait until it is too late
Because only I my child know your fate
So you need to make amends
You need to get in touch with old friends

Stop putting off things that you can do today
And when you decide to do them, do it in God's way
Live for today my son,
Do all the things you desire, before your life on earth is done

And for the ones who don't believe in me
All you can do is talk to them about my love and spirituality
Because they will have to answer to me
And what they do on this earth, decides where they should be

And for those who have cherished me, believed in me
They will walk with me in heaven, in faith, in my reality
Erase the sins and negaitivities
Give your heart, faith and soul to me

Imagine walking together with me holding hands
In a place where calm and peace rule this land
A place where my love is the itinerary
Where harmony, faith, wisdom, God's creativity

So my child
Live for today
Pray each and everyday
Love, laugh, and give
Make this earth a better place to live

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry