Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Have An Account With God

I'm investing into my faith and love for God
I'm saving all my praises today
I'm opening an account in my name in God's bank
Because my savoir, will make a better way

See with God's love no matter what I have in my account
His interest and return is always more
No matter what I saved
His interest of love embraces my faith right to the core

God said when it comes to his love and faith
There are no hidden clause or flaws
His love is an ever-lasting checking account
There are no penalties for early withdraws

His love bank is open 24-hours a day
Hassle free, care free all are welcomed in
As long as you believe in his love
He will restore your faith resurrect your soul within

So I talked to God about his bank
He instilled in me his never-ending faith and love
With 2 % down of faith you get a 100% return
Of God's love and one day sharing his house in the heavens above

So I am investing my love in him
He told me there are so many deserving
Worshipping his love and understanding
When it comes to love and faith, my God I will be serving

And God's love is paid over and over again
There are no boundaries, or detours
His is a lasting, magnificence love
One that will always withstand the test of time, one that endures

So I am taking my 75% of faith
And I'm going to my Lord to cash it in
On a lifetime full of salvation, righteousness
Resurrecting and storing his love and faith within

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry