Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus, I Need You In My Life

Jesus, do you mind if I talk to you?
To tell you about the things I am going through
I've had some restless days and trouble nights
Times when I thought my soul would give up the fight

Times when I have shed so many tears
Anticipating, contemplating my worst fears
But through all this I always counted on you
My sweet Jesus, to pull me through

I always counted on your love and understanding
To guide me through life's ups and downs, when they were too demanding
You removed the shadow, the cloud of negativity from my heart
You embraced my heart and soul, every delicate part

Jesus, if you are listening to me
You gave me the gift of life, you made me see
You instilled in me
The essence of your love, your wisdom, your spirituality

You looked beyond my faults, and you saw my needs
You gave me the faith that I needed, you My Savoir, planted the seed
Jesus I need you in my life, I need you to resurrect my soul
Because when it comes to the understanding of my heart, only your love can console

I need you to save me, to deliver me
Jesus, erases the sins from the past, and set my soul free
I can't breath without you, nor make it through the day without your love
Embrace me My Lord and Savoir, as I kneel and pray to the Heavens above

Without you in my life, I don't know what everyday life holds for me
Without your love and faith, I would be less the man that I should be
I need you to guide me, to confide in me
To console me, to jump start my soul, spiritually

In a world that is less than perfection
Your love and guidance is needed to show us the way, your direction
I need you to take me, bathe me
Saturate me with your holiness, the way you visualized my life to be

In your Holy name I praise to the Heavens above
Because there is one perfect and unconditional emotion, and that is Jesus love
I stand before you with my arms opened wide
Wanting to embrace the magnificence of you deep inside

Baptize me, rejuvenate me
Upgrade my faith and wisdom mentally and physically
Give me the tools to embrace your Holy ways
I need to have your love in my life each and everyday

You never doubted me, only loved me
You gave me something from your heart and soul, unconditionally
And I sit here a song comes to mind, a spiritual hymn
An all I need was you Jesus in my life. Amen

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry