Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Came To Me

God came to me and this is what he said
My child you are restless here is my shoulder if you
want to rest your head
Lean on me
My love and guidance will set you free

Free from the sins that are out there each and
Believe in my love for together we will kneel and pray
See I knew my God would not let me down
He guided me righted me, he helped me turn my life

Even though the devil put obstacles in my path
God said you plus my love, here my son you do the math
If the devil rains in you
I will be your rainbow, you umbrella as my light comes
shining through

Praise me in the morning, noon and night
Pray when things are bad, rejoice my name when things
are right
So I know each and everyday your love for me
Because the love I give to you is given

See because when you sin I will not give up on you
But try to instill into you more that my love is so
So when you have fallen down
I will be there to help you; I will pick you up off
the ground.

Just because you don't see me, does not mean I am not
I am the flowers, the sky, that breathe of fresh air
I thought that this was so amazing, that my God was so
Because with a billion people to watch, he came to me,
he never made me wait

All I had to do was open my heart and receive his love
My gracious God of love from the heaven's above
So when I am restless all I have to do is think of
what God said
When u are weary, here is my shoulder my child rest
your head

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry