Ujamaa Christian Poetry

With God In His Kingdom

With God, in his kingdom
Just the other day we were talking about the good old days,
Now you are gone, you have passed away
Memories, visions of how things used to be,
Are so deep inside my heart, you will always be a part of me.

Here today, gone tomorrow,
One day filled with joy, next day with sorrow
So much hurt and pain,
Knowing that we can't spend time together again.

But knowing that God took you to a better place far away,
But sweet memories of you will always in my heart, stay
My every thought is you, and how much you mean to me,
And you are an angel for our lord; your soul is now free.

Free from sickness, stress all the pain that life can bring,
Now you are at peace, rejoicing God's love, your heart sings
As you walk with our lord and savoir, each new day,
I look to the heavens up above, to see you, as I kneel and pray.

Knowing that you are watching me from the heavens above,
Guiding me with God's faith and wisdom, and sharing his love
So many things I wanted to say and never got a chance to,
I look to the heavens and talk to you, from the skies so blue.

As long as I have you in my heart you will never fade away,
But live inside my heart forever and a day
Until the day we will walk together hand in hand
In a place where God lives, together in the Promise land.

So I will say a prayer for you, with tears in my eyes,
Missing your presence, only you and God can hear my cries
So if I miss you each and everyday,
I will look to the heavens for you, in god's name I pray

Written by Gene Cole


Ujamaa Christian Poetry