Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I take a taste, the sample makes me want more,
Fills me with gladness, and I'm burning for more,
So refreshing, I want more of it,
I NEED more of it.

I want someone to pour the butter all over me,
from head to toe,
It burns and it brings me to my knees,
Crying out for more,
And I can't get rid of the film on me.

It lives within me and is upon me,
I can't bear but to be overwhelmed,
So revitalizing and rejuvenating,
I want to completely be filled with it.

My flesh is eroding, and the butter is consuming me,
And I have more joy than I ever have had,
Looking back on dullness,
Seeing the glow of the butter for now and the future.

But I realize...it's not butter.
It's more tasty than butter,
It's more satisfying than butter,
Or rather, He is.

And all I can say and think is
'Thank You, so much, Father,
for pouring the Holy Spirit upon me!
May I glorify Your Mighty Name!'

Written by Sterling Franklin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry