Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lord, Let me Serve You

Lord, let me serve You,
How Faithful Thou art,
Let me praise you forever
With all of my heart.

I need You more each day,
You are awesome indeed,
You water my spirit
After planting Your seed.

I have found I am nothing,
But You are Everything,
Lord, I want to exalt You,
To lift my hands to You and sing.

You take care of my sickness,
And You heal my disease,
Oh, the Love that I get
When I fall to my knees.

You comfort me to smiles,
And you wipe away my tears,
And have set me on Your Path
For all of my Years.

How Glorious You Are,
And I will truly serve You,
For the harvest is large,
But the workers are few.

Lord, You hear all my prayers,
But just grant me this plea,
I want to give you everything I have
And give You all the Glory.

I will worship You, Lord,
My Infinite King,
For You have Power over darkness
And over death's bitter sting.

Written by Sterling Franklin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry