Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Yes, son

If I stumbled, would You catch me?
If I tumbled, would You reset me?
If I failed You miserably, would You give me another shot?
If I became lukewarm, would You make me hot?
If I violated You, would You forgive me indeed?
If I lost my direction, would You retake the lead?
If I turned from Your path, would you restore me within?
If I wanted You more, would you Fill me herein?

Yes, son, I would forgive you even til the sun lost its
And when you're with Me, I will remove all your fright,
I will give you the joy and the strength that you need,
To conquer this world, and with Me, you'll succeed,
And I will restore you, sustain you, and heal you,
And believing into Me, I have your mansion and inheritance,
I will give you abundant life, and you will bask in My
And all I want the world to do is ask.

Written by Sterling Franklin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry