Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Where you are...
are you whining
or shining?
Though, sometimes,
        it may seem
that the strongholds of life
are stacked against you
and that the dreads of night
        cover you
like a clinging garment,
be encouraged
and know that
the hard times shall come
to pass;
and the dusk shall cast it's long shadows;
and murky waters shall threaten to overflow;
but every situation that dares to
raise an uncircumcised hand against you,
shall not prosper.
You are purposed to reap the rewards
        of abundant life;
to triumph "more than a conqueror"
on the battlefields of life.
You are anchored into an excellent source,
greater than any troubles cluttering your path.
Therefore, cast your care upon a merciful and
        loving God,
Who promises to perfect your every concern,
"working all things together for your good"
        in unseemly places,
where you have been strategically placed
to shine in darkness.

"...let your light so shine."
John 5:16

Written by Gloria J. Evans


Ujamaa Christian Poetry