Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I sit for long periods of time on end,
       thoughts wandering,
how have I come to this state of being,
sitting for long periods of time on end,
       thoughts wandering?
So, wonder I...when shall appear the due time that
I should think to find the caring hand of a companion who has
       a compassionate soul
       and ears to listen
       and eyes to see beyond an undone surface
       and a heart that touches and feels my pain
       and a shoulder-padded with sufficiency
to bear the weight of my burden
       and plenty of tissue?
For I shall surely weep an overflowing river and I shall cry a
mystery and I shall sob for want of comfort that I would find in
the wisdom of a companion and friend,
who shall sit with me (for however long periods of time on end
that it would take to search every evasive moment-highly hoping to
harness bits and pieces of any meandering though that found an
open door there and yonder),

that, perchance, we should come to a reasonable state of being
where the grass is green
       and the flock is fed
       and the bills are paid
       and the baby has milk
       and the house is clean
       and there is peace to be had within.
So, why did thou feel cast down, O my soul?
Could it be that I hoped on the deceiving wings of
every fleeting wind that blew here and there instead of hoping
       on the Lord, my God
              Who keeps me faithfully...
Who held me during turbulous times in the blessed assurance of
unconditional love 'til peace be still filled my heart, allowing the
sun to rise in every nook and cranny of every circumstance,
       seen or unseen,
decreeing the blinders darkening the eyes of my understanding to
       cease covering, that I might behold and know the joy that comes in the morning,
    gather your thoughts,
       for all is well?

Written by Gloria J. Evans


Ujamaa Christian Poetry