Ujamaa Christian Poetry


There were times of fearful anguish in my worried, troubled soul.
There were times when sinful pleasures quickly took their heavy toll.
In the sea of sin and sorrow there seemed nothing more to do,
But to sail out on life's journey, hoping all my dreams come true.

Oft my pathway led through waters wider far than I could cross.
Oft the heavy winds of trials to and fro my boat would toss.
Then one day I spied a signal, caught a word that said: "This way.
There's a haven from the stormy sea - a quiet little bay."

Oh, I recognized that voice, T'was the Master of the sea.
He who stilled the troubled waters had a place of rest for me.
He who calmed the mighty tempest; He who walked the waters o'er,
He would surely give me shelter on a quiet peaceful shore.

But the waves they still were pounding on my weather-beaten craft.
And the winds they still were howling, driving water fore and aft.
Then I realized t'was helpless, though I strove with all my might.
No, I could not reach that haven in the darkness of the night.

But when all my strivings ended on that stormy, troubled sea,
Gently came the voice of Jesus: "Will you place your faith in me?
I will lead you through the waters, for I've gone that way before;
If you'll let me be your Captain, I will take you to that shore."

So aboard my ship I took Him, placed the helm in His control.
Now He guides my little vessel, though the ship may plunge and roll.
He will guide me to yon haven, lead me through the surging sea.
He will give me rest and shelter; He is all in all to me.

Written by Harold Eash


Ujamaa Christian Poetry