Ujamaa Christian Poetry


(Based on 2 Corinthians 4:7 and 5:1)

My house is getting older and it's shape is not so good.
So I'll be moving out some chilly day.
I have another home prepared for me far up above,
When I put off this weathered house of clay.

It's base is getting weaker and the old house trembles some,
The paint is rough and wrinkled, so I'd say.
The windows barely let in light, it's awful hard to see.
I'm planning soon to leave this house of clay.

The hinges are quite rusty, and the floor boards creak a lot
And visitors don't talk as loud today.
There's snow upon the roof top and cold throughout the house,
I can't much longer use this house of clay.

Not long ago the builder of this house moved in with me,
And promised me He'd never go away.
He has another house prepared for me far up above,
When I evacuate this house of clay.

The house He's been preparing is far better than this one.
It's absolutely grand in every way.
No sickness, sin or sorrow will spoil my new abode,
And it will soon replace my house of clay.

This house has served me well throughout the years God's given me.
But I look forward to a better day.
I'll move into my new house, when my Savior comes for me,
And leave behind this crumbling house of clay.

Written by Harold Eash


Ujamaa Christian Poetry