Ujamaa Christian Poetry


(Based on James 1:27)

You say you are religious and you do the best you can
You go to church on Sunday and all evil you would ban.
You even read the Bible and say a prayer or two.
But do you know what God declares that religious folks should do?

The book of James in chapter one the last two verses there
Points out so clearly these three things of which to be aware,
If you would be religious in the way that pleases God,
Pay close attention to these things while on this earthly sod.

Control your tongue, is number one, be careful what you say.
Remember when you wag your tongue, your heart is on display.
For lies and bitter, unkind words, can cause a lot of pain,
And most of all be careful not to take God's name in vain.

The second thing God says to do demands a heart of love,
A helping hand to those in need with grace from up above,
To care for some poor orphan, or ease a sick one's pain,
To visit lonely widows, some help for them obtain.

But there's another thing to do, to keep in mind a lot,
Avoid the sinful ways of earth, reject its every spot.
This world that crucified our Lord will try to make you stray,
"Love not the world", is God's command, and walk the narrow way.

Religion pure that pleases God obeys these three commands,
Control your tongue, and help someone, and live with pure, clean hands,
Though you profess religiousness and Godly piety,
You first need Christ to save you from this sick society.

Written by Harold Eash


Ujamaa Christian Poetry