Ujamaa Christian Poetry


This world is in an awful mess, and mix-ups do abound.
Someone has entered in our store and changed the tags around.
The things of value are marked low, the cheap are higher priced.
The evil habits oft called good, the good no longer prized.

We've left belief in truth divine to pluralism's grace.
We've set aside the one true God, and quickly filled his place
With all the gods of all the creeds, our idol shelves are full,
For multiculturalism, you know, is more acceptable.

Welfare has come to fill the lot of poor around the land,
No need to work, just take with ease the government's helping hand.
Alternative lifestyle they're said to choose, the homosexual gays,
They call it pride, those sex perverts, who flaunt their evil ways.

Our unborn babes are put to death, as if we do not care.
Their Moms believe in choice, you see, this guilt they'll have to bear.
But others shoot abortionists and think they're justified.
Forgetting that for everyone our Lord and Savior died.

Freedom of speech we glibly call the gross profanity.
As airwaves fill with vulgar talk and crass pornography.
Discipline and teaching skills, important as they seem
Are oft replaced in schools today with building self esteem.

We know God's Word condemns the ones who call the evil good,
Who mock the just who try so hard to live the way they should.
Help us return, O Lord, we ask, the price tags to their place,
Before you stop this world gone mad, and judge the human race.

Written by Harold Eash


Ujamaa Christian Poetry