Ujamaa Christian Poetry


You look at me as I look at you
we both have different point of views
When will we see each other for who we are inside
and stand up for what we believe in
like the many who have died

When can we cross that border
that keeps us so far apart
or block out those words of hatred
and listen to what is in our heart

There is no color in humans
for we are all merely just the same
we all know the hapiness of laughter
and we all cry tears of pain

When we are wathcing a sad movie
is it color that makes us cry
or is it realizing color is just an image
that serepartes our lives

It is not color that makes us run faster
or color that makes us worthy to the father above
its caring for those of different color
and sharing with them your love

Written by David Duncan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry