Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Heavens Triumph

Precious father in heaven
I come to you tonight
you've ran to me and found me
to keep me within your sight

How could I ever give back to you
for the price you so highly paid
for giving me eternal life
so that by your side I'll forever stay

I could give you my life and all that it's worth
which wouldn't compare to what you've done
from coming and seeking to find me
and giving me the love of your Son

From the highest star in the sky
to the bottom of the deeptest sea
words can't possibly explain
how much your love means to me

Take from me my all
take from me my soul
take from me my life if you wish
with your love Lord make me whole

You've given me satisfaction
and I can finally honestly say
nothing compares to what you've shown me
about your love on this special day

I can't wait to spend forever
in peace with eternal rewards
"Take my everything Jesus"
I so happily implore

I could write forever and ever
about how much your love means to me
I'll carry it with me for always
and make it everything you would want it to be

Lord I hope you understand
everything I'm trying to say
heavens triumph has finally come
you may have my heart again on this day

Written by David Duncan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry