Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Hold on to Your Sister!!

Hold on to your sister
She is a part of you.
Hold on to your sister
You can help each other through.

You say You have No Sister,
Then look around you friend.
Your sister is right beside you
Waiting to let you in.

Hold on to your sister.
Please don't push her away.
One day you will look up,
And she will be gone the other way.

Hold on to your sister.
She hasn't reached perfection yet.
She needs you to help her
To make it through each painful test.

Hold on to your dear sister.
There is something you each must do.
Intercede for one another.
This is required of you.

Author's Comments:
"I have been reviewing some of my past work and clicked on to many that had made reviews
and for one reason or another they are not there. As I was watching my favorite show I heard the coach say,
Hold on to each other-this sparked an urgency in my spirit to plead with each of you to hold on to one another
and find that place of forgiveness so we may all heal together.
We are helpers one to another."

Written by Mary Duhart


Ujamaa Christian Poetry