Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Sin separates me from God

My sins take me away from Thee afar,
And make me think, I can achieve great things,
Without the help of God I will be Star,
With health and wealth and fame among earthlings.

My sins appease my disturb'd mind somewhat,
And give me transient joy and happiness;
But not for long; I'm back in life's ghats!
And guilt engulfs with much nervousness.

In life, I ought to be nearer to God;
My sins have dug a deep abyss 'twixt us;
With weary heart, I really forgot,
Remorse, penance, provide my Omnibus.
I promise God, never to sin again.
My Sun has set and clouds will bring the Rain.

Written by Dr. John Celes


Ujamaa Christian Poetry