Ujamaa Christian Poetry

If God loves you, you're saved

If sinful, joyous paths, you undertake;
You cannot go far as God watches you;
If God forbids, such journeys, you can't make;
He gives men freedom; punishments also.

God knows man errs so often by nature;
His pangs of sinful passions, desires;
And does these things if mature, immature;
While devils tempt; man slips into mires.

But not for long as God pulls him afree;
His guilt and conscience make him to repent;
Atonement makes his soul pure, again free;
To make up for misdeeds, now man gets bent.

The love of God for man's soul is so great;
That devils cannot sow discord or hate.

Written by Dr. John Celes


Ujamaa Christian Poetry