Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God's Love

Whatever can we call as our own!
Our children one day, we must disown;
God lent us for safe-keeping today;
To our parents, gave us yesterday.

The Almighty God, He tends to all;
The young and the old, the big and the small;
His love of Man is an endless show;
So hath He made him unmatched therefore.

With close semblance to Him, He made Man,
The say o'er creatures, gave him per plan;
Gave intelligence and perfection;
High in the ladder of Evolution.

Despite His love, magnanimity;
Man has been thankless, a great pity!
To be God, by Satan's design;
Banished from Eden for his prime sin!

He made this world for us, our Father!
How a creature vies with his Maker!
God is our Shepherd, we are His flock!
Tends us to the celestial Rock.

God's love for Man is so fathomless;
The mystic Lord, He loves and will bless;
For our sake, He suffer'd, died on the Cross!
Man's freedom from sin, He did endorse.

Human love is so surmised with lust;
Is always most selfish and accursed;
Divine love is spotless and faultless!
Flows from above, ceaseless and flawless.

When Life remains a prolonged struggle,
The poor killed like rats by the Eagle!
I wonder why the Almighty One,
Calls not this bad world to justice soon?

Woe begone, a day sooner shall come;
A bliss with renewed meaning shall home;
The suppressed heart will then leap with joy!
Wait for that day, to fully enjoy!

Written by Dr. John Celes


Ujamaa Christian Poetry