Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No One

The haunting memories never go away
Take the silent trip down to your grave
I'll feel the sickled hand myself someday
And the dust of my flesh will fly away

I see the mourning
A day without a son
You gave no warning
You did what you have done

I whisper to the wind out loud your name
No one took the time your life to save
We watched you slowly die day after day
And the pain of your death is here to stay

On through the evening
The night fades to black
No use in staying
You're not coming back

No one to turn to
No one cared
No one to talk with you
No one dared

I pull some scattered weeds beside your grave
I pray the memories will leave someday
If only I had told you Jesus saves
I would not feel the guilt I have today

Written by Mark A. Carney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry