Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I feel I'm growing cold
His words do not move me anymore
We've gone down so many roads
With so many left unexplored
The pleasures of the world
The weakness of my mind
Temptation of the flesh
Something has just died....in me

I wonder if you are who you say
And if it really matters
Your every word they all obey
You are their master
The rich young man has turned away
Can you hear my laughter
Anointing oil a full years pay
But are you all that matters

Levi, I bet you haven't changed
Your countenance is withered
Like me you'll feel this flame
To steal and become richer
I'll pretend I'm glad he came
This poverty stricken Preacher
The chief priest and the pharisees
Reward me for the Teacher

What you must do, do quickly
Was that what he said to me
Well I will do what I must
You don't rule me I'm Judas
I am Judas, and so are some of you
The kiss of death, will you kiss him too
I am Judas, betrayer and a thief
Kissed by death, hanging from a tree

I see you hanging there Holy One
Laughter of the legion
Mocked by the ones you healed
Guilty without reason
I look the other way ashamed
Accused of high treason
At last I must accept my blame
Death arrives in season

Written by Mark A. Carney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry