Ujamaa Christian Poetry

At The Foot Of The Cross

At the foot of the cross, were my face must be buried
were the blood that runs so pure and freely from all the
burdens my Lord did carry.

At the foot of the cross that's where I will find my
strength to carry on, hold my head up make my stride
long. When things look bleak and the days feel like
they are caving in all around you, your hope is fading
and it looks like no tomorrow will find you.

At the foot of the cross is where you will find me, touching
the pure essence of thee. The love of a father so merciful
and true, that blood that was shed at the foot of that cross
will always remind me of the love that he gives to us each
day. His only wish is that we never stray away.

Written by Yvonne Coleman-Burney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry