Ujamaa Christian Poetry

What I see

I look with tears in my eyes, at the destruction, pain and suffering I see,
this is not how I intended it to be.

I look with a broken heart as I see my children being torn apart,
fighting for freedom, something I gave generously.

fighting each other and destroying themselves, through drugs, guns, and hate
that surely won't get you in the pearly gates.

I look with a sadness I could never deny, why, why, why, is the question
I ask myself everyday, why does my children keep letting it get this way?

Turn to me and I will make it right, but If you don't receive me
In your heart, I can't make it work out right.

All I want is for you all to belong truly to me as it was intended from the beginning to be
but you all won't be written in the lamb's book of life, because all of you will
not make that choice, to claim me as your Lord and Savior I am your
only light.

I look with a love that is so true, and my heart is breaking because
I only want to belong to you. I sent my only son, so you all could
see that my love is deep and yours to keep I'll for ever be.

My children make the choice that is right, cause soon I will come
like a thief in the night, and then it will be to late to get it right
so let's stop all this fighting and hate, because after all, were all
going to one place either here with me to live happily
or there with him to burn for eternity.

I look, but soon there will be nothing more to see, as I sadly watch
the earth being destroyed because so many don't know me.

Written by Yvonne Coleman-Burney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry